Favorite(media): in which a user saves item for later review

Favorite concept, in which a user saves item for their own review later.

Mapping: UI element where a user saves a piece of media including a video, post, page, etc.
Examples: Discourse as ‘bookmark’ and other forum web applications

Also know as:
**Related concepts: browser bookmark?

(please feel free to edit/correct)

Thanks for getting us started! This is great. And your mention of Discourse makes me think we should make catalog entries for each of the key concepts in Discourse itself.

This inspired me to create my own topic for this concept as a way of illustrating what I have in mind for a fuller catalog entry.

A few comments on this:
– I view concepts as distinct from their user interface realizations. In EOS, I use the term “mapping” for how a concept is mapped to a user interface. In this case, for example, upvoting may not even need a UI element: it could be activated by voice, or could be inferred from other user actions.
– I prefer to use the name “Upvote” rather than “Like” because the latter brings to mind Facebook’s likes, which are a fusion of upvote/reaction/recommendation.
– Favorite seems to me a different concept, in which a user saves certain items for their own review later.

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Thank you. Are you able to edit my topics ? As admin you should be able to.

If you can wait I’ll update them tonight - otherwise I don’t mind if you correct them yourself.

Maybe you can use the tags feature? (another design concept to add!)

Hi Stephen, Still figuring out the etiquette here. I didn’t want to edit your post and thought it might actually be helpful to point out some of the ways in which I see things differently. Haven’t learned what tags are yet :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I’ve changed this to ‘Favorite concept, in which a user saves item for their own review later.’

I will endeavour to improve more this evening based on your exemplar.