Comparing similar concepts across products

Yes! A concept catalog could describe all the variants of a concept; in my catalog entry for Upvote, for example, I note how ranking works differently in Hacker News vs NYTimes.

The concept of folder in Google Drive vs Dropbox is a very interesting one. In fact, it would be good to explore the design space of this concept for all these file sharing apps. I haven’t analyzed Google Drive in detail, but I did notice recently that two distinct files in the same folder can have the same name. This suggests Drive is not using the Unix Folder concept.

A subtle difference that drew me to using Box for a task recently: if you put a file in Drive or Dropbox, then anyone who can view it in their browser can also download it (I think). But in Box, you can specify that a file can be viewed but not downloaded. This is a very useful feature; it can be used, for example, to share a PDF that you don’t want distributed by other means.