Small concept with big impact

Could Zoom’s business be at risk because of a single missing concept?

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No question that the meetinglist concept you propose would help some users, and would likely not harm any, provided it does not become the only way to reference a meeting. As you point out, from Zoom’s point of view, I can see that there would be definite benefits, in gently tying users to that particular platform. But users don’t always get to pick their platforms.

For my use, in a daily workflow where I don’t drive every gathering, I do need to be able to hop onto a Teams meeting, a WebEx call, a scheduled telephone call and even an occasional gathering in a real meeting room, with no electronic sharing, I will always need a way to reference meetings outside of any particular meeting platform. My Outlook calendar represents many appointments and other reminders in my day, not nearly all of them happen over Zoom.

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@annette: Yes, good point. Maybe some much more fluid kind of calendar integration is possible? Perhaps a richer data detector concept so that all these meeting ids could be recognized and easily opened without needing calendar events, or going through a URL in the browser.