Benchmarks for concept design?


I recently came across this blog post

“an expressivity and design benchmark. We call it B2T2: The Brown Benchmark for Tabular Types .”
A Benchmark for Tabular Types

Is concept design benchmarking a thing? or am I off-topic with this link?

As I’d expect for a product of Shriram’s group, it’s a really nice piece of work, taking the idea of benchmark—in short, build a suite of examples and known issues as the basis for evaluating a potential solution—and applying it in language design. Not sure where you were thinking this could be applied in concept design. But how about as a precursor to designing a single concept? You collect different scenarios and states, but unlike use cases (etc) you don’t expect these to be consistent with each other, or all of them to be included in the final design. Then the next step in the design is weighing the relative value of the different scenarios. This is of course something we do all the time in design (in all fields) but the benchmark format may suggest a way to structure it more?

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